About Texas Internal Pipe Coating

Who We Are

Started in June of 2013, Texas Internal Pipe Coating has maintained a focus to exceed the expectation of our customers and associates while providing best in class service.  Located in a centralized area, we have a focus on safety, service and dedication to processes that are environmentally friendly.  TIPC is a 50,000 square foot enclosed facility on 25 acres of land.  TIPC has capacity for completing over 12,000 joints per month.

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Important Dates

September 2013: ISO9001:2008 Certification

April 2014:  Acquired by Hilong Group of Companies

July 2014:  Began 24 hours a day operations

Key Personnel

Gary Rost

General Manager

Robbie Gray


Robert Allen

Maintenance Supervisor

Rhonda Lechuga

Director of Customer Service

Dusty Alford

ISO Safety Coordinator

Jeff Covington


Steve Shaffer

Sales Manager

Jose Valadez

Yard Supervisor